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[ARTWORK] Lady Gaga – Artpop


Lady Gaga’s Artpop hits stores November 11th.

[CELEB-BUZZ] Beyonce Debuts Her New Short Hair Via Instagram


MTV – Breaking news: Beyonce has very, very short hair! At least she does for the moment according to her Instagram feed. Having just seen the Queen Bey in concert at Brooklyn’sBarclays Center on Monday night (yes, the very one where her husband also graced the stage), this transformation from cascading, wind-machine-blown blonde curls to a super-cute-pixie cut is a startling one.

Beyonce’s new hair cut is almost as weird as Lady Gaga’s new naked video. Just not really sure what made her want to do this. With just one visit to the salon, she went from a 10 to a 6, real quick. Nice haircut bro.