If You Don’t Cry At Least 1 Tear Of Joy During Drake’s “God’s Plan” You Don’t Have A Pulse


Man.   What a life.  It has to be the best feeling in the world to be able to do what Drizzy Drake did for his music video budget for God’s Plan. Showing up in places and having people cry out of excitement must never get old.

It had to be a BLAST turning up with all those high school kids.

And that’s just the simple things that don’t cost money.

Imagine donating all that money to awesome charity’s. Imagine being able to buy groceries for people who are going through hard times. Imagine being able to donate 25 LARGE to a high school.

What a life.

PS- I didn’t cry until all the Mom stuff at the end of the video,but there were a few close calls before that,

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