I Get Extremely Happy Every Time I Play The New Kendrick Lamar/Future Song




So I guess this song dropped about 5 days ago, but I just heard it for the first time in my car last night and I couldn’t wait to tell the world how much I love it. It’s my new favorite song and If you end up liking it just a fraction as much as I do, I think you’ll be hooked on it as well.

Check it out below:


small space really small


small space really small

Jay Rock’s opening verse is tight lyrically speaking, but in terms of what the song makes my body do when I hear it – it’s somewhat on the average side. But after Jay’s verse, Kendrick comes back with the hook and mixes it up with Future. And at the end of Future’s verse, that’s where it transforms me into a complete and utter wackjob.

[At this moment exactly]

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The way future spits 😂🤣

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small space really small





small space really small

Listen, I know it’s not the most lyrical content to ever come out of a person’s mouth and as a matter of fact, you’re probably gonna lose brain cells slash become 17% dumber just by listening to it more than one time. Like I’ve had it on repeat since last night so pray for my brain cells guys. But there’s just something about the sound of all that garbage coming out of Future’s mouth that just makes my body move. Makes me wanna jump around and make odd motions with my body like that kid in GIFs I posted above this paragraph and something like this Wiz GIF I’m about to hit you with now:



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