Kevin Spacey ALLEGEDLY Giving A Young Man Some Head On A Mountain Top



  • Kevin Spacey was photographed 17 years ago cuddling and massaging an unidentified 21-year-old model in Topanga, California, in March 2000 
  • The then 41-year-old had taken the young man to Oakland Memorial Park into a hilly and secluded section of the public space, where the two had an intimate rendezvous
  • The photos were originally published by a tabloid and show Spacey putting his head in the young man’s lap in several photos
  • The images were taken a day before Spacey won an Oscar for Best Actor for his role in American Beauty and nearly two decades before Spacey came out as gay on October 29 
  • Spacey is facing growing allegations of sexually assaulting teenage boys and has been dropped by his publicist, talent agency and Netflix over the growing scandal 
  • has also learned that Spacey has sought treatment at The Meadows, a facility that specializes in sexual disorders, where Harvey Weinstein is also being treated





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