Eminem Drops Genius New Ad Campaign For New Album “REVIVAL”


Before you read any further, keep in mind…

First, Em dropped “Relapse/Refill”


Then he dropped his HUGE album “Recovery”



Now Em is hinting at his third and final album of Em’s 3 part trilogy with “Revival”.

There’s this whole website that was built and released last night at www.AskAboutRevival.com that you can check out for yourself which is intended to look like some kind of medical campaign including all kinds of side effects which you would expect to see listed as if this medicine you were looking at was a prescription opioid (which Eminem struggled with). You can check out the website for yourself and see the real thing, but I pretty much included everything you can see on the site embedded below, including the Revival Commercial.

Here’s the commercial that hit the internet streets today:

Notice any words or phrases you’re familiar with? Phrases such as “lose yourself,” a recommendation to avoid the drug if you’re allergic to “midwestern tympanic stimulators” (the tympanum is part of the ear), and a reference to “Pomsomp Industries” — a callback to the 2009 promo campaign for Em’s “Relapse” album.

Like when that guy in the commercial said at the very end – “With Revival, I won’t miss my one shot.” An obvious reference to Em’s hit single “Lose Yourself”. Quite obvious, no?

Here’s what the Revival website looks like:



Here’s a half page ad in the sports section of Sunday’s Detroit Free Press Newspaper that was purchased by none other than Interscope Records:


And then yesterday, Rosenberg (Em’s manager) posted a photo of the forthcoming album from Yelawolf, part of Eminem’s Shady Records camp.

No big deal though right? Yeah, until you realize that HUGE “Revival” banner outside of the Shady Records office!



Can’t wait to see what happens next. There were rumors  we blogged about the night Em dropped his Trump Cypher claiming that his new album would be expected to drop on Nov 17th. No date is official, but the 17th is the most recent rumor. Expect more hints and ads to drop soon.

Like this one posted below:


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