Frankie And The Pizza Show Feature “Old Forge”


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Frank Pinello visits the self proclaimed “pizza capital of the world” Old Forge, Pennsylvania. This small town of just over 9,000 people has over twenty pizzerias, all serving a unique rectangular pizza that has its very own lingo. Frank visits a few Old Forge staples like Arcaro & Genell and Revello’s for a red “tray” and a double stuffed white and meets with some locals to learn more about this town and its special relationship to pizza. Remember, when visiting Old Forge, don’t you dare ask for a slice! It’s a “cut” here.



Hell of a job by Frankie and the crew. I knew he’d make it to Pizza Town eventually. Spectacular episode all around. From the work of his crew and the celebs from Old Forge who were featured in the show.

But one thing really stuck out to me and I’ll never forget it…

“I just dabbed on the news”


Hell of a dab little Russ.

A little disappointing NOT seeing a cameo from legendary pizza-man, Mathew Panko.


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