Saquon Barkley’s Girlfriend Is An Absolute DIME & Also A Former BDP Smoke Of The Week


Penn State Nittany Lions gear at

So Saquon Barkley and PSU just got done shitting all over Akron in their season opener. They looked unstoppable on both sides of the ball. Granted, they played Akron, but even the biggest PSU hater can’t say they didn’t look good. That offense was incredible today.

This isn’t your grandfather’s Penn State. This isn’t a Penn State team that relies on big white linebackers on defense while the offense just hands it off every play. This year it’s different. Super high powered offense.

Barkley is already my #1 for the Heisman. Here’s what he did today:

And what’s his secret weapon you ask? Bench presses? Squats? Power cleans?

NOPE. It’s his smokeshow girlfriend, Anna. The thunder to his lighting:


Mind you, she’s a Former BDP smoke of the week. CLICK HERE to check out her smoke of the week blog.

dating a congdon is a package deal

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bandANNA ha ha

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Left Scranton*

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jax teller walked by

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Waking up to her every morning increases natural testosterone by 48.5 percent. FACTS.


PS- Kind of related but not really related. This is my new favorite chick on the planet:

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