Former Smoke Of The Week, Shalyn, Did A Must See Photoshoot



[Thanks Damnit_Mike for the great shots]

I’ll be honest, the initial headline for this blog said “Former smoke of the week, Shalyn, did a photoshoot that will blow your dick off”. But since we live in a time where everyone on the internet has all gone PC, I figured I’d just call the blog “must see”.

Shalyn’s one of my favorite smokes. We actually go way back… Way back like high school way back. Like she’s honestly asked me for 35 of my senior pictures when she was in 7th grade. Literally the cutest thing ever.

But listen, she’s always wanted to do this modeling thing, and she’s doing it, which makes me super happy to help her pictures get seen. So after checking out her shoot below, share it on social media for her AND make sure you FOLLOW HER ON INSTAGRAM BY CLICKING THIS LINK IN BOLD.

Now back to the reason why you’re here right now…Shalyn’s shoot.










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