Shhh…Here’s 3 Leaked Kanye West Tracks From His New Album


I’m super late posting this up on the blog, but I’m sure there’s still some of ya’ll who haven’t heard this shit yet. I posted a preview of both tracks in 1 instagram video. After you check it out, go ahead and click the links provided afterwards to download them. (get to it fast before the links get removed)

Here’s the preview:

First song is my favorite from the leaks.It’s called “Euro” featuring ASAP Rocky. The second half of the clip is the second leak featuring Migos and Young Thug titled “Hold Tight”.

Now I’m not sure if these songs are off his new album that he’s currently in the woods somewhere working on or what, but they’re 1000% new and never heard before until now. Being that guys like The Migos and Young Thug are featured on it, it’s totally something new that will be on some kind of project in the future.

Here we go:

Curious on how these tracks leaked? I was too. So there’s this group online right now called “Music Mafia” and their sole purpose in life is to get their hands on tracks before they officially release (which we need more of) and right now they are trying to get people to pay with bitcoins in hopes of reaching a specific percentage of money. Once they reach it, they release it for download.

For example…Right now as we speak, they have 4 songs in their hands that they are currently trying to get funded. They have 4 unreleased songs from Kanye, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Quintino (whoever that is) and Maroon 5….Here’s a screenshot from their site:


So once these songs get funded 100%, they’ll be available for download. Pretty savage old school pirate/bootleg shit mixed with modern day bitcoins. Incredible stuff. Now here’s the links to the 2 leaked Kanye songs plus a snippet of “Can U Be”.

PS- I suggest you download these tracks ASAP before the links get removed.

Kanye West Ft. ASAP Rocky – Euro (Switch Hands)

Kanye West Ft. Migos & Young Thug – Hold Tight (FULL)

Kanye West – Can U Be (Snippet)

Double PS- So I tried downloading the Maroon 5 song, and guess what? It’s a fucking flame thrower. Even though it’s not the full song and only about a minute and a half, I still downloaded that shit and have it on replay. Can’t wait for the entire thing to be released.

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