‘Top 10 Sex Tips You Wish You Learned In Sex Ed’ With Former Smoke, Shalyn & Janelle


Before we get into the video, let me start out by introducing Shalyn & Janelle. They’re two smokeshows who talk most chick kind of stuff, but still interesting enough to capture the attention of our dude readers.

Personally, I don’t know Janelle, but she seems cool as shit, obviously knows what she’s talking about while possibly becoming a smoke of the week in no time.

Shayln on the other hand, I know her. I know her pretty well. So when you watch one their live videos on Facebook and/or stream an episode on their YouTube  channel, what you see is what you get with Shalyn. She’s being completely authentic with her Vlogs.

So moving forward, depending on how well this blog goes this week, I’m thinking about giving my two lady friend’s their own spot right here on our site. I’m thinking maybe once or twice a week around 10am?

So for our dude readers out there, I think it would do nothing but help our cause when it comes to crazy things like relationships, alcohol , sex and watching chicks put lubricated condoms on bananas.

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After these two clips, make sure you scroll down to the bottom where you can cast your vote to let everyone know if you want more content from Shalyn & Janelle.


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** Here’s how to keep up with Shalyn & Janelle**


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So lets jump right into Shalyn & Janelle’s “TOP TEN SEX TIPS YOU WISH THEY TAUGHT IN SCHOOL”.


BONUS Facebook Live video posted last night:

So now, are we ready for more? Take the poll below:



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  1. Always do oral for a bit longer than you want to. Goes for everyone.

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