The KP And His LGI Crew Did A MUST WATCH Interview With Lost In The Mood




I’ve never heard of these “Lost In The Mood” episodes, but now that The KP and a few of his LGI boys joined them, I’m now a fan. They really seem like cool dudes who know their shit. So not only am I trying to help The KP get some extra exposure, I’d like you all to check out Lost In The Mood on Facebook and on YouTube.

As for the interview? What more can I say? It was DOPE. I love listening to The KP speak his mind. Dude is highly knowledgeable and super cool. He’s all about positive vibes as you can see from the interview. I gotta catch up with him soon. If you weren’t a fan before checking this blog, hopefully you are now. You should be. He’s one of the hottest rappers repping NEPA.

Patiently waiting for that Mayor project to drop. As for now, The KP isn’t new to the blog, he’s been on the site numerous times. Check out his hottest viral track “Fat Boy Flexin” below,





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