“Popsicle Bike” Has To Be The All-Time WORST Wheel Of Fortune Answer Ever



All-time WORST answer in the history of Wheel Of Fortune answers. HAS to be. I mean what the actual fuck is a Popsicle Bike? I know I’ve never rode one of them before. Not really sure how you construct a bike out of popsicle without it melting all over your ass. I just can’t seem to see how a bike made out of popsicles could actually work.

UPDATE: Shit, I’m an idiot.

Dickie Dee Ice Cream bike.jpg

I think I’ve actually purchased a popsicle from a popsicle bike on vacation numerous times. I take everything I said back about the popsicle bike. Except, it’s still a stupid answer given the letters from the puzzle:

This is what she was looking at:


Still an all-time terrible answer.


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