LOCAL RAP JAMS: Kanvis Aspires To “Live That Life”


You can download “Live That Life” free here: Apologies | Kanvis


Christian Hip Hop artist and Scranton, Pennsylvania native Kanvis is someone who’s been on my musical radar for quite some time now. From his impressive acrobatic flow to his introspective lyrics, this kid is developing and maintaining a sound of his own. He’s only 20 years old so his talent can only blossom from here.

From hearing the title “Live That Life”, one would assume Kanvis is going to be talking about the glitz and glamour his mainstream colleagues gush over but that is far from the case. He’s letting the listener know he didn’t come into the game to play around. His mission is share the word of God and getting himself to help as many people as he can.

This is honestly the most aggressive I’ve heard him be on a record. Didn’t expect it at all but it’s a welcome change and I’m looking forward what else he’s been cooking up.

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