LOCAL RAP: King Kong Kancun Shows Us Who’s “Stoopid”


If you’re a fan of Hip Hop like I am, you already know it’s an extremely competitive sport.

Feelings get hurt (Meek Mill), reputations get tarnished (Meek Mill again) and sometimes unfortunately careers come to an abrupt end (when was the last time you heard a Lil’ Flip record?).

Diss tracks serve only one purpose – to break the enemy down and King Kong Kancun, co-founder of the Hazleton, PA based rap group Animal Planit Music Empire does this all. Not entirely sure where his beef with StoopidOnTheBeat, a rapper / producer whose produced for the like Meek Mill, Lloyd Banks, Uncle Murda and Jim Jones stems from but it becomes quite clear from the jump that Kancun doesn’t respect or like the Bronx Native.

Using an aggressive yet sophisticated delivery, Kancun delivers brutal punch after brutal punch for just over 3 and a half minutes over the energetic. I wouldn’t want to be on the other side of the beef right now and hope that he responds with something equally if not more visceral in return.

Check out it out below:

Blogged by Nate Williams:


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