The Trailer For NEPA’s Pizza Documentary, “Tray” Includes Cameo From Robert Baron.


NEPA SCENENEPA Scene was the first media source in Northeastern Pennsylvania to report on “Tray,” the upcoming documentary on the unique pizza that comes from NEPA and how it ties into the area’s residents and their heritage, a little over a year ago. Since then, we’ve stayed in touch with the local filmmakers to provide updates and, like most residents, have become anxious to see more of this movie so, tonight, we’re thrilled to host the exclusive premiere of the first official trailer for “Tray: A Cut of Culture.”

Director and Scranton native Jeremy Saltry has been working hard with producer Lindsay Barrasse on filming and cutting together hundreds of hours of footage to explain why our area’s typically square pizza comes in trays, not pies – and cuts, not slices – along with the Italian dish’s local connections to families and culture. The new trailer features clips from interviews shot at the Lackawanna Historical Society, Arcaro & Genell’s Restaurant and Elio G’s Pizza in Old Forge, and Maroni’s Pizza House in West Scranton, among many locations they spent time in over the past year.

Really excited for this doc to finally drop. Last night the trailer got released on NEPA Scene complete with a interview with creator Jeremy Saltry which you can check out here.

There was also a good ol fashioned FB war including Brownies Pizzeria and som Bill Salerno dude which was covered perfectly by The Point After Show which you can check out HERE.

As seen in the trailer, there’s a cameo from Robert Baron, owner of Ghigiarelli’s Pizza in Old Forge. As you all know, he’s been missing for almost 2 months now. It’s kind of eerie seeing him in the trailer. There’s a good chance that the footage used in the documentary may be the last time that the public see’s him for the person that he was. Really sad stuff. We all miss you, man.



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