Credit To Me For Telling Olivia Norella To Become A Model When She Grows Up


OK, so around the time I started up BDP, I was also working at a restaurant in Old Forge called Bruticos. Yes, the same place where the hit was called in for the murder of Jimmy Hoffa. Well while I was there, Olivia and I worked together. It’s a FACT that when she was 15 years-old, I told her that she should try to become a model when she grows up. Call me a creep, call me whatever, but I know beauty when I see it. Well, today, this video that came out 4 days ago is now building some steam on the internet:

Introducing Olivia Norella. Maybe the prettiest chick on the planet?


Now I’ve been trying to have her do the whole smoke of a week thing on the blog for what now feels like an eternity. I think she’ll be just fine without doing it. Make sure you follow Olivia on IG. There’s like 4 chicks I always keep a solid eye on, and Olivia is one of them. If you decide to give her a follow, here’s what to expect:


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