A Man Started Swinging A Bat At A Police Station And Got Speared To Hell By An Officer



Not sure what this dude’s motivation was, but if you’re gonna pull up to the police station with a baseball bat, you better be ready to earn a couple GTA stars and prepare a gameplan on how to get out of there. Maybe have a getaway car waiting for ya? Maybe bring a couple guns with you including a bazooka? I don’t know, at least that’s how I do it when I’m playing Grand Theft Auto.

Also, this guy needs to work on his baseball swing, no? Maybe hit a bucket of balls off a tee? Maybe scrap up some loose change and hit the batting cages before rolling into the big game?

Dude had a terrible swing. I have friends withe 6 year-old kids that play tee-ball that couldn’t possibly be intimidated by that swing. Dude deserved to get speared to hell. If you’re gonna go to prison for swinging a bat at a police station, at least break some shit.

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