Mark Isaiah From MT Pocono, PA Crushed His Debut On The Voice Last Night


MJSBIGBLOG – Mark Isaiah 19 – Mt. Pocono, Pennsylvania – Mercy by Shawn Mendes – His parents look so young! His little brother is a toddler.  He recently lost 40 lbs. He reminds me a tiny bit of David Archuleta–looks wise. He’s got that big sweet smile.  Mark has a very marketable sound. He’s like an hispanic Justin Bieber. He sings with urgency and an engaging energy. The gals are gonna love this one.  Gwen and Adam turn right away.  “I turned first!” said Gwen.  She can’t believe he hasn’t been signed. Alicia notes there’s “a lot of emotion in you.” Blake advocates for Gwen. “It’s so obvious you belong in the current landscape of pop music,” says Adam. Mark chooses Adam – Download at iTunes


Smart move picking Adam. Just think it would be weird taking singing lessons from a girl when your a guy and vise versa. Now if Gwen wasn’t married to one of the other judges, it would of been much easier choice. You pick Gwen every time with the possibility of getting a bunch of hugs/kisses on the cheek. Just hanging out with her seems like it would be one hell of a time. She’s too beautiful not too.  Being that she’s taken, Mark made the right choice. I hope this kid goes on to murder this thing. Really rooting for him.

PS- Any MT Pocono readers out there that can maybe get me an autograph? I’m not asking for too much am I? C’mon. Hook it up.

Double PS – Still kind of shocked that he DIDN’T chose Gwen. He made the right choice in my opinion, but it had to be tough when 19 year-old Mark literally impregnated Gwen with his performance, I mean look at those eyes:




I mean she WANTED him. Wanted him. BAD.

Good for you Mark Isaiah from MT Pocono.


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