Old Forge Community Wraps Up Day 1 Of The Search For Bobby Baron While WNEP Provides More Details During 6 O’Clock News


Thursday Night:


6 O’Clock news clip today via WNEP




—> Article below via The Times Tribune

OLD FORGE — Investigators recovered a tooth and an afghan with blood at an Old Forge restaurant owned by a man who disappeared last week, a court document says.

The items were among the evidence seized when police searched Ghigiarelli’s, 511 S. Main St., on Thursday, the same day owner Robert Baron, 58, was reported missing, according to the search warrant return.

A separate document filed Sunday indicates Mr. Baron, who was last seen Wednesday around 11 p.m., may have been attacked in the restaurant.

On Sunday, police found Mr. Baron’s Hyundai on the 100 block of Howard Street, according to the paperwork filed to search the vehicle. Mud covered the undercarriage and the tires. There were suspect blood stains on the interior.

In the restaurant, police found evidence of a possible attack after using luminol, a chemical used to find traces of blood, the search warrant application said. Police believe that the perpetrators of the possible attack tried to clean up the crime scene with household cleaners.

More than 100 people gathered today to search the borough. Friends and family members met at Ray’s Market for a search party to hunt for clues in businessman’s disappearance.

First Assistant District Attorney Gene Riccardo has urged anyone with information to contact borough police, who are seeking any surveillance footage captured in the borough between 10 p.m. Wednesday and 9 a.m. Thursday.

An employee at the pizza shop interviewed last week told police that Mr. Baron had been receiving multiple calls to the business land line. The calls prompted Mr. Baron to tell the employee, “Don’t answer the phone anymore.”

Anyone with footage or any other information can call police at 570-342-9111.





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