The John Mendola Show FT Coach Rod And His Blue Devil Hoop Squad


Just a quick shout out to my old friend Coach Rod. Just an awesome early season high-school hoops interview with a living legend. Couple things that struck me hard here. 1.) This YouTube video needs way more than 135 views, so let me boost those numbers real quick. 2.) Coach Rod is EASILY the most handsome coach in PA. Everything’s on point from the jacket to the fresh haircut. Rod is simply like a bottle of aged fine wine. 3.) I think Mendola should pay us to share his YouTube videos to get his views up. His viewers deserve it, the athletes in his videos deserve it and certainly his sponsors deserve it. I wonder what kind of money his sponsors drop on these segments? With only 135 views since this video was uploaded, I hope the sponsors don’t pay more than 15 bucks for an ad spot. Anything higher than 15 bucks is highway ROBBERY. So maybe Mendola will hit us up and let me promote his internet segments? Smart move if you ask me.

Here’s how to reach me, John:

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John, if you’re reading this right now, you probably don’t remember me YET. Well, let me refresh your memory. You might remember me as the pizza king from 2007. You’re lucky I didn’t murder you right in that gymnasium with a sick comment like this one:

Full video dropping here at 5pm.



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