In 2007 I Dismantled John Mendola In A Revello’s Pizza Eating Contest In The Devils Den



So this morning I blogged the John Mendola interview with good friend Coach Yanniello and some of his young studs on the Blue Devil basketball team. If you missed it, CLICK HERE to check it out.

As I was watching the interview, I ALMOST forgot about our little pizza eating contest from back in 2006-2007. I knew I had the DVD laying around somewhere and I ended up finding it. I blew off the dust and popped it in.

Put on your seat-belt and prepare to enter the electric factory:


Just a hilarious action packed contest. It had everything. It was funny, it was intense and it included two trays of Revello’s Pizza and the entire squad rallying behind me.

Listen, I’m not an excuse kind of guy, but I could of blew his doors off right off the bat if my adult molars weren’t starting to pop out. My gums/teeth hurt so bad while doing this contest. But just like I always do, I played through the pain and went on to be crowned the pizza king.

There’s a lot of people on the internet that claim that they’re pizza kings, but they’ve never played through the type of pain I had while doing this pizza contest. If I didn’t tell you I was playing with an injury after watching that video you’d never know, because I make ZERO excuses. I do my job no matter what. Doesn’t matter if I’m 100% or if I’m playing through dental pain. That’s just what I’ve done my entire career. Simply a role player who you can count on day in and day out to be available and fight through pain on any given night. That’s how Champions are made.



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