HUGE Party At The Chicken Coop For The Biggest Drinking Night Of The Year




People in the Tri-Boro area, this party is for you. The Chicken Coop in Old Forge is throwing a Turkey Day Bash Wednesday Night on Thanksgiving Eve and BREAKING NEWS I’m supplying The Coop with the tunes.

  And I’m playing NOTHING but BANGERS!

  If you want to fire off a song yourself , pull up the jam on your phone and hand it to me so you can special guest DJ for a hot minute. You can call me The Peoples DJ.

The Coop will also be running a bunch of drink specials to keep your wallet from getting skinny.  They also have a pool table near the bar if you’re a billiards guy. ZERO chance you could beat me… Just throwing that out there.

But back to the drink specials…

Get there early, because from 9pm-11pm you can get:

$2 Mixers – $2 Miller Lites – $2 Fireball shots

I’ll be honest, that $2 Fireball special sounds like it could get very, very interesting.

So if you’re looking for something fun to do Wednesday night. come down to The Chicken Coop in Old Forge. Eat some wings, drink some beers, dance like an idiot and have a good time.

PS- Thanksgiving is the only day of the year where it’s actually beneficial to be hungover. Remember that.


Double PS- Use the hashtag #LetsGetPluckedUp


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