Nothing Makes Me Happier Than This Kid Who Rocked Out With Green Day



What a video. What a moment. Nothing could make me happier on a cold Wedneday morning, man. There’s a moment in time that this kid and the rest of Green Day will never forget. That kid was electric. He even had a great stage presence and did that rock star jumpy thing that people in bands do.

After I watched the video a few times, I wondered if this could of been planned out, which could have been very possible. It was just too perfect. But after doing some research (reading the comment section of the YouTube video) I found this:


Apparently this is what Green Day has been doing on their tour. They even booted a kid off the stage in just 10 seconds because he didn’t know what he was doing. Kind of want the footage of that, though. Just for entertainment purposes.

But shout out to that kid and shout out to Green Day for creating just an epic moment.

PS- I learned how to play “When I Come Around” on the guitar when I was taking guitar lessons at age 8. It’s the easiest song on the planet to play. That being said, he still killed it.

Double PS- What is it with Green Day? I’m pretty sure they are in their 40’s and they still haven’t aged a minute. Are they vampires?





BONUS VIDEO: The greatest set of all time. Green Day – Woodstock 94 In The Mud. I remember being a 6 year-old kid and leaving the water slides up Montage so I could get home and watch this performance on PPV. That was the day I asked my mother to get me blue hair.

(mud party really starts around the 23:00 mark)

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