Thursday Night Bookie Beatdown (Pick Of The Millennium Edition)



First things first. Anyone reading this right now that doesn’t personally know me needs to know this – I’m a huge Chargers fan. A homer. Been a fan my whole life. But here’s the thing…I’m not gonna be biased here. I’ve bet against them before and won a million times fading The Bolts. So keep this in your back pocket when reading this:

That being said…


Love. Love. Love them!

In all reality, the 1-4 Chargers could have easily been 5-0 going into this game against Denver tonight. A couple BONEHEAD plays in the 4th quarter costed them the game against The Raiders last week (muffed field goal by the holder), two fumbles in the 4th against The Saints, 1 terrible defensive possession against the colts and entire team never leaving the locker room at half against The Chiefs when they were up 24-3.

In all those losses, they haven’t been beat by a margin larger than 6 points.

All my buddies asked me what we were gonna do after we lost Keenan Allen for the 2nd year in a row, so I told them, “We’ll be fine. Rivers is a gunslinger and as long as the Chargers receivers have hands, they’ll make plays. We have a bunch of young studs that could start on any other team in the NFL” and I still believe that.

Tonight is going to be ELECTRIC in San Diego. A nice home game against a divisional rivalry in primetime and nobody expects San Diego to win tonight.


We haven’t beat Denver in years, going 1-5 in the last 6. But let’s not forget, that was when Peyton Manning was behind center. I don’t find this Trevor Siemian a threat, let alone in the same caliber as Peyton Manning. Not even fucking close. Plus, Gary Kubiak didn’t make the trip.

I’ve learned a thing or two after following The Chargers for 20+ years. They’ll break your heart whenever they can. Sometimes they’ll even go out of their way to do it. But the games where you would expect them to get their doors blown off? Those are they games they win. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

And this is one of those games. Don’t sleep on Phillip Rivers tonight. As a matter in fact, I’m playing him in my $20 DraftKings Millionaire Maker Contest this week. (DRAFT YOUR MILLION DOLLAR TEAM HERE) I also am playing Melvin Gordon too.

And if all that shit I just wrote doesn’t convert you over to San Diego tonight, these jerseys they are BUSTING out tonight will.

I wanna say that his was the color scheme San Diego was sporting back in the Kellen Winslow and Dan Fouts era.


LETS GO  2e32e

Put your car, your house, your wife, your kids, your dog, your mortgage your cat ALL on SAN DIEGO + 3 tonight.

Que the Hype-Up video:

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