LOCAL: 90 Year-Old Taylor Veteran Finally Receiving H.S Diploma At Riverside High Is The Feel Good Video Of The Century




GMA – A 90-year-old World War II veteran from Pennsylvania has finally received the piece of paper he’s wanted for over 70 years: a high school diploma.

George Fricovsky, Sr., 90, attended a school board meeting in Taylor, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday night under the impression he was simply going to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

But after reciting the pledge, Fricovsky was surprised with a framed high school diploma. Making the moment even more special was the fact that it was presented to him by his grandson, David Walsh, who happens to be a vice principal at Riverside Junior-Senior High School in Taylor.



Feel good video of the year. Feel good video of the century. Feel good video of the millennium. After watching that video I may just light some candles and just watch some Lifetime movies and cry for the rest of the day. Just a gut busting beautiful video clip on a rainy Thursday afternoon. Like if you didn’t shed a tear when they both started crying you are missing a soul. I don’t care if you’re The Hulk, it’s impossible not to sob tears of joy while watching that clip. Shout out to Riverside High School for making such a beautiful thing happen right in our backyards. Just an unbelievable thing of beauty. God Bless George Sr.

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