From PSU To California: Visual Proof That Killer Clowns Are A Serious Problem Facing America



Now, it’s very possible that three buddies decided that it would be a good idea to make a video where one kid wears a clown outfit and chases the other two down with a knife. If that’s the case, their idea worked, because this video is EVERYWHERE right now.

If for some reason this is raw footage and NOT scripted, America has a serious clown problem right now. Clowns in the woods, clowns in the streets and clowns running for President. America has a real clown problem right now.

Do I think this video is real? Ehhh, 50/50.

The acting is pretty clean. It almost seems like this might be for real. But it’s so easy to go to go and pick up a clown jumpsuit, a knife and go out into the woods and film it and upload it to this thing called the internet.

But there’s been a ton of clown action happening all over the country right now. So this clown cult thing is the real deal. Here’s some of the most recent clown sightings:

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If you see a clown walking the streets. Stay away. Stay VERY far away.

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