When You’re Performing At Levels With Tickets Prices At Just $10 Bucks A Pop, You’ve Officially Hit Rock Bottom




Now before anyone from Levels reaches out to me and starts bitching me out for the title, this is….

A.) A FREE advertisement.

B.) A knock at Bow Wow, and NOT levels.

As the Facebook video shows, Bow Wow used to be on top of the game. I never really got into all of his music, but no doubt about it, Bow Wow dropped some heat in his prime. The only movie I got into was ‘Like Mike’. I don’t care who you are, that movie was legit.

As for his music career, I think I liked him up to the point where he dropped the “Lil” from “Lil Bow Wow”. Once he dropped the “Lil”, that’s where he all went downhill for me. And when you’re considered an entertainer, performing in Downtown Scranton for just $10, you’ve officially hit rock bottom as a performer.

I shouldn’t really be complaining/busting his balls, because $10 bucks is a really cheap price to pay for what’s probably going to be a really, really good time. I’m sure there will be tons of smokeshows from The U dancing all nasty up in the club while a select few of them try to get on Bow Wow’s limo to have casual sex with him, so that should be pretty interesting to watch unfold.

Honestly, I haven’t been to Level’s since it changed over from Mulligan’s. I’m not expecting too much of a big change (which isn’t a bad thing) because that place always gets turnt up straight to the moon. Doesn’t matter what the name of the place is, it’s just in the perfect spot Downtown. I’m gonna be honest, this is probably gonna be a really, really good time.

October 15th….Level up, bitches.

PS- I can still get down to this one. His best song HANDS DOWN.


Double PS- The ONLY good “Bow Wow” song:

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