Riverside Vs Old Forge Highlight Recap Blog


Lets start with the ROWDY student section giving the blog a shout out:

And as shocking as it may sound, I DIDN’T pay any of those kids to chant BDP4LIFE.


Winner for the “Best Dressed In The Student Section” category goes to….his Guy:


Show me a better Blue Devil, you can’t.


As for the best play of the game, it had to go this play…

They scored on a PASSING play call:


Once again, MOZ find the endzone. I think he’s scored a rushing TD in every game this season.


Before I walked into the stadium, the Devils were down 6-nothing. Walk in the stadium and they score a TD before I could even pull my phone out and record it…Student section goes BANANAS:


Can’t take anything away from RV, they were the better team last night. Also, they were the BIGGER team. Those kids looked like MONSTERS. Obviously the pads factor into their size, but give credit where credit is due. Riverside came to play.

Gotta tip the cap to their coach, Old Forge’s own, Anthony Trotta:


Real recognize real, Trotta.



PS- The only one that took an L last night were these two chicks from Scranton beating the crap out of each other at the end of the game. I left before this happend, but thanks to to BDP readers, this video was sent in to us.



Double PS- Someone has been messaging the BDP FB page all day asking to take down the fight video, which won’t happen. If you don’t want to end up on the internet, don’t do stupid things like fighting in public places.


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