Shout Out To These Restaurants In Old Forge That Let The Cheerleaders Decorate Them With Blue Devil Pride Banners For Riverside Week



It’s Riverside week and tomorrow night it the big show. It was really nice seeing most of the restaurants on Main St in Old Forge let the kids/cheerleaders decorate the streets with Blue Devil Pride banners. I’ve been telling some of the guys on the team – “Yesterday doesn’t matter, but beating Riverside on your home turf does.”

Friday night is the last time the seniors will take the field. It would be great if everyone from the town could show up tomorrow night and support the boys. I’ll be there taking live videos and posting updates on the BDP4Life Facebook page….I might even paint my chest in the student section if they let a super, super,super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super, super senior join them.

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Here’s a look at all the restaurants on Main Street equipped with Blue Devil Pride banners:


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