The Game And Meek Mill Are Beefing. Here’s BOTH Of Their Diss Tracks


RAP-UPAccording to TMZ, the rappers’ feud all stems from a Sean Kingston jewelry jacking. Game believes Meek “snitched” and told Kingston’s camp that he was directly or indirectly involved in the theft, the report says, citing sources inside each camp.

Kingston was reportedly robbed of a $300,000 chain at a Los Angeles nightclub on the night in question back in June. Meek and Game were both allegedly at the club that evening.

However, law enforcement officials say Game was actually never a suspect. In any case, Kingston stopped cooperating with the police and thus, the investigation has been closed.

The war of words has continued between Game and Meek. Following Game’s “92 Bars”diss record, on which he calls him a “snitch,” he went on Instagram to taunt Meek with a photograph of him and Nicki Minaj.

“The last time Nicki held a REAL NI**A,” wrote Game. “#7thGradeBodyHavinAssNigga Everybody know you the wife nigga…. If she take her followers back, you gone be back at 100k !!! #Snitch #RatsWillDoAnythingForCheese #WeakMeal.”


Here’s “92 Bars”, The Game’s initial diss to Meek Mill:



Today, Meek Mill teamed up with Beanie Sigel


Listen, who knows what this is really all about. Game is notorious for randomly starting beefs when he has a project to drop. Could this beef be legit? Maybe. But if I had to fight one of them, I’d rather get caught up with Meek Mill. I’d NEVER fuck with The Game. He’s a real bad dude…

Never forget:


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