Smoke Of The Week: Tessa Rae, From Places Unknown


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This week’s smoke has been in the works for quite some time now. She’s one of my favorite people on the internet. She’s so interesting that I even asked her to give this blog thing a try. She’s always posting current events that most people turn a blind eye to. She’s one of those girls who think outside the banana peel.

She’s also one of the most interesting people I know of. She’s a huge music girl. Loves to go to all kinds of sweet festivals. She’s also a modern day hippie. She loves hugging trees and loves smoking trees…My kind of girl.

So be on the lookout for more Tessa Rae in the future. Hopefully she takes my advice and starts bringing in new, fresh, different kind of content to the blog. If she doesn’t chose to do so, I’ll still love her.

And with all the sweet shit she does in life, she still manages time to be HOT.


Let’s start the show…





Introducing, Tessa Rae…


Light up Thursday Nights in 2016 NFL Color Rush Jerseys, Hats and T-shirts


My face when someone tries to stop me from spreading dat truth. Lolz.

A post shared by Tessa 🍓Rae (@youaremeandiamyou_) on


Chillin @ da peach wiff mah baybee 🐸🍑👽👁 #peachfest #peachfestival2016

A post shared by Tessa 🍓Rae (@youaremeandiamyou_) on





A post shared by Tessa 🍓Rae (@youaremeandiamyou_) on

Bitches lookin at me strange, but you know I don't care. Step up in this motha fucka just-a-swangin my hair.

A post shared by Tessa 🍓Rae (@youaremeandiamyou_) on



PS- She can be a gangster too

Don't yuh ever try 2 cum for me ~ you'll get smashed just like ham sammiches.

A post shared by Tessa 🍓Rae (@youaremeandiamyou_) on


^ I REALLY dig that look…Just my opinion.

Now it’s time for yours.

Time to Rate Tessa Rae:



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  1. I love Tessa she’s the human embodiment of goddess ochun. love

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