Shumpert Popped For Pot DUI




According to the police report, the officer noticed a strong smell of marijuana and Shumpert’s eyes were bloodshot. When asked about the last time he smoked pot, the Cavs guard told police, “I just left my homegirl’s house,” the report said.

He failed a field sobriety test and kept telling the officer he just worked out, the police report said. He was asked to submit to a blood test and at first, agreed.

“Mr. Shumpert advised that he did not want to take the test if he had to go to the hospital. I informed him that he was not responsible for paying for the blood test. He advised that he did not want to because people would recognize him and it would cause a scene. He maintained that he was now going to refuse the test,” the report said. He was taken to the Fayette County Jail and his father came to get the car


Just minutes before the cops arrived with his “homegirl“….





Don’t blame him. Not one bit. Cuff me up too, officer.


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