The Official A Day To Remember/Blink-182 Recap Video Blog


I wanted to get this blog up before I go in to work, so I’ll update it as the day goes on with more videos, photos and some of my thoughts.

The show was electric. Blink 182 reuniting again (minus Tom) was no gimmick. Mark clearly still has the passion and energy out there with his band. He was cracking jokes in between songs and still jamming out like it was the early 2000’s.

Here’s some of the videos I was able to capture…We’ll start with 2 videos from A Day To Remember.

Here’s their opening jam. It’s one of my favs and probably one of yours too…

Me and Jeremy shared a quick bro moment.

Suh, dude?

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Suh, dude? @therealjeremymckinnon @whereisadtr

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And their final song:




Now, here’s Mark and the guys…


Here’s Mark telling the crowd that ‘Scranton’ is pretty much spelled like ‘Scrotum’…We have balls I guess…Who even knew?


Back to the music…


And that’s pretty much all I Have. If you have any quality footage from the show last night, hit up our facebook page and send us a private message. You can send your content through that chat. I’d love to use as many photos and pictures as possible, plus, it will help your videos get a hell of a lot more views.


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