Dude Who Grew His Own Weed In Another Person’s Flower Pot Was The Smartest Guy In PA Until He Got Caught


[cover art and story via WNEP. Also, hit the link to watch their video on the story]

RUSH TOWNSHIP —  State police say there were some unusual plants found growing in flower pots at a home in Northumberland County. Troopers say they found something rather unusual growing in flower pots at a home on Molter Road: marijuana plants. Even more shocking, investigators say the person who planted the pot doesn’t even live at the house. Neighbors here say it’s a strange crime to commit. “Yeah, that would be odd, I think, for somebody to do that,” said Martha Gruenberg. “Yeah, I don’t know what the reason for that would be.” State Police say Mark Bromelow, 27, had been growing marijuana here on someone else’s property; the homeowner declined to talk. Verna Zimmerman’s dairy farm covers 800 acres and says the same thing happened to them on one of the fields they lease. “We did have it happen in one of our rental properties, that somebody did plant marijuana in one of our fields,” said Zimmerman. Outside a Weis Market, most folks just thought the whole thing, someone growing pot plants in someone else`s flower pots, was actually sort of funny. “Yeah, in somebody`s flower plants, that`s crazy, not very smart,” said Ryan Ferguson. “It`s pretty wild though, I don`t know what to say about that, it`s the generation,” said Mark Schultz. “Yeah, he got caught, hopefully he learns, you know that`s the best thing, hopefully he learns,” said John Merchant. State police say charges against Bromelow will be filed at the District Court in Mount Carmel.


Weird story. Weird because it doesn’t explain on how this guy actually got caught. Like where’s the proof that he planted the pot in the pots in the first place? It doesn’t say, right?

Planting pot in other peoples pots, at least to me, sounds like a pretty great idea. The fact that this guy caught must mean the home owners caught him int he act or something. Maybe watering or talking to his pot plants or something? I don’t know.

But you would think if police found the plants, they would assume they were the persons whose property it was on, right? Like if I was plant some pot in my neighbors pots, you would think It would be easy to say “Well it wasn’t in my pots.“, riiight?

So in my eyes, this guy was super duper smart right up until the point where he got caught. Not sure what he did to get caught, but you would think that game plan would be fool-proof, right? Or am I on another planet right now?

PS- Seriously, how did this guy get caught? I’d really like to know.

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