Shocker: Machine Gun Kelly Said “The Grimiest Place I Ever Got A Tattoo Was In Reading, PA”




Hey MGK, welcome to P-A!!!!

I’m almost positive that Reading, PA is like the 5th most poverty stricken city in the entire nation, so don’t be surprised when you find a little piss in the bathtub of one of these hotels in Reading. Maybe be aware of your surroundings when your on tour. Do some research before you get some new fresh ink in PA. Like what’s a 5 star celeb doing in a -3 star hotel in Reading, PA anyways? C’mon man, I know you’re a gritty hip-hop guy, but try going somewhere a little bit cleaner next time. You don’t want to pick up the HIV in a Reading, PA hotel room. There’s plenty other better places to pick that up at while on tour.

Hell, I’m from PA and I didn’t even know myself that Reading, PA was one of the poorest cities in the nation until I hit up Wikipedia.

PS- Bet you thought I was a road scholar when I dropped that 5th most poverty stricken city line.

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