Smoke Of The Week: Eastin, From Pittston


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I’m sure everyone’s been checking the site wondering why nothing has been posted up over these last 7 days or so. The answer is simple…I just literally put in 1000 hours up the Montage working Warped Tour along with Camp Bisco. And to make matters even worse, I broke my phone day 2 of Camp Bisco. Simply the craziest work week of my life.

So to get back on track, lets just get right into this week’s smoke. She goes by the name of Eastin. If you were to close your eyes and say the name Eastin, you’d probably visualize a girl that looks just like Eastin does. Blonde, beautiful eyes and a gorgeous set of vampire teeth. Everyone that knows me KNOWS I’m a HUGE teeth guy. I’m rating her an 8 solely based off her teeth. Also, throw in the fact that she’s an athlete brings her up to a 14. So if you rate Eastin anything under a 10, you’re simply a hater.


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IMPORTANT SIDENOTE- I started up a side project Facebook page. It’s called BDP4LIFE.Com Smoke Search Competition and It’s a casting call for any girl out there that wants to get a FREE photoshoot from my friend, Branden Eakle and myself. It’s very simple. Head to the page by clicking THIS LINK. First, LIKE the page, and drop your hottest selfie in the comment section on the first post. On August 8th, we’ll go Facebook Live and announce the winner.

This is what the post looks like…Drop your selfie like the rest of the other contestants (future smokes) already have done.


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 Now, back to the reason you’re all here right now…


(photo below via Joe Harary)



(photo below via Joe Harary)


(photo below via Joe Harary)





(photo below via Joe Harary)



You know what time it is…Time to rate Eastin.

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