Reader Submission: WILD Brawl In Old Forge Featuring A Bunch Of Chicks And A Mom



Anonymous: This hoe was with this girls (lets say maria) recently ex boyfriend, and then her friend was talkin shit so then maria said she wanted to meet to fight her. So she did and then maria got jumped by the girl and all her friends (not even the girl that was with marias ex boyfriend just her friends!) so today they continued he fight and the girl brought her mom and Maria punched her 😂


No idea who any of these kids are, probably because I’m 27, but this video is fucking ELECTRIC! Bitches throwing haymakers everywhere!! Fights going on in all kinds of places and I can’t even keep up with all the action. I don’t know whose mother that is, but she can fight for my team any day of the week.

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  1. Dirt bag loser low life asshats… better than dogs fighting over a bone….
    Yea…what a great way to raise up your kids….

  2. Lose low life dirt bag asshats….no better then dogs fighting over a bone.

    This is the way you raise up your children?!

  3. Sandra Uricheck

    One of those children is my daughter. Anyone who is entertained by this obviously has very serious issues and should get help. This is the farther thing from funny you can get….its DISTURBING, SHOCKING,HUMILIATING,AND PLAIN SAD. I am beyond disappointed.

  4. Sandra Uricheck


  5. Tbh ur daughter shouldn’t be doing big girl things if she can’t take the shot that comes with it she got her ass beat too bad so sad if u this its “plain sad” then u should of stopped her from fighting oh well the fight is over and done with y’all just mad ur daughters got there ass beat

  6. Show me da money


  7. Bunch of scumbag trash…

  8. This is disgusting i hope this was turned over to the cops !!
    What a bunch of classless scumbags beating up on a teenager !!!
    I cannot believe this is what you are teaching your children !!

  9. Every one of the people involved, with the exception of the two voices I heard trying to stop it, should be arrested and charged with assault! This is disgusting!If my child ever does this or gets involved with Dirtbag pieces of crap that have no respect for anyone or anything she will get her ass grounded indefinitely! And the girl that keeps screaming 2 f*** her up she needs to get the worst of the charges! This is ridiculous Young people to be acting so barbaric! What a shame, the parents of these teenagers or young people should be beside themselves! What an embarrassment you are to your parents… and they should be mortified at your actions, all of you! I hope this is in the hands of the police because something needs to be done to teach youth how to be respectful and not to fight everything out.

  10. I agree with you 100% the worst part of the whole thing is there were parents there in the middle of it

  11. Simply ghetto!

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