To Our Readers: Vote BDP4Life For The ‘Music Publication Of The Year’ At The 2016 ECMC Awards




There’s a lot of great people nominated for this years Electric City Music Conference. Guys like Jesse Faatz, the guys from FUZZ 92.1, Fast Freddie, Alicia Lynn, and rappers like Di-Polar, CrimZn and my good friend Zelly.

Every single person I just mentioned have all had their content posted right here on, and now, all their hard work is paying off. I wish everyone could all win. Actually, in my eyes, you all have by being a nominee. But there is one more rapper that should have been on that list. He goes by the name of The KP. He kind of got hosed. But I know for a FACT he’ll be on this list next year. You can stream his stuff HERE to see what I’m talking about.

Listen, I’m not a huge award guy. I’m not here for the glitz and glam. Almost 6 years ago when I first started BDP4Life, my goal from day 1 was  to bust my nuts posting links and content on social media before ANYONE else, with the dream of creating a new digital platform where other local artists and businesses could be seen and heard in a new way unlike any other paper publication out there could.

6 years of blogging the hottest mainstream streamable music while putting local rappers and musicians on the spot in the digital world before ANY OTHER local site EVER did. I’ve never turned down any musical act that wanted air time and that’s a known FACT. If they wanted to be heard, I blogged it. And I will continue to do the same until the internet dies.

So to be honest, this award isn’t for me. It’s not for BDP4life….

It’s for us!!!!

Winning this award would create more hype and more eyeballs for new readers to hear YOUR MUSIC. Or see YOUR BUSINESS!

This award is everything that America stands for!

So when you have a few minutes to kill, please vote for every category, even if you don’t recognize any names. And make sure you vote BDP4Life as you favorite “Music Publication Of The Year”.


PS- The award show is being help Thursday, September 13th at Thirst T’s Bar And Grill. I Don’t go out much like I used to when I was a kid, but I’d love to roll deep with all of my friends of the program. It’ll be a ton of fun. Like I need a pose. I need people to be like “Oh shit, there’s the guys from BDP. They roll deep as F

So hit me up up on Twitter or Facebook and lets rock out on the red carpet.


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