Reader Submission – Crazy Hit And Run Motorcycle Crash In Scranton Caught On GoPro


WNEP – It happened Wednesday night at the intersection of Penn Avenue and Walnut Street in Scranton.

The biker sustained some broken bones from the fall, but his quick thinking to brake may have saved his life.

“That could have ended a lot worse,” said Highway Corporal David Mitchell with the Scranton Police.

“You gotta make sure that you’re paying attention, just like when you’re a motorcycle rider, you gotta be paying even more attention, you gotta be looking a mile ahead,” said Shawn Miller of Carbondale, who also bikes but was not at the scene.

Police cited the driver for rolling through a stop sign. That ticket, with court costs, came to about $125. But the crash, which could have cost this cyclist his life, could have more penalties in the future.

“The driver is definitely being cited at this point for running a stop sign. Further charges will be up to the officer investigating this incident,” Mitchell said.

Police are still investigating the incident. Friends of that biker who almost crashed with that car in Scranton hope making the video public will make drivers more aware of motorcycles around them.


Everybody, shout out to my boy Josh Tisdel for getting turned into a human pretzel and still walking away from that wreck. Although it has to suck big time to get run over by a car on your crotch rocket, at least it was caught on camera so everybody can see it go down on the internet. Having the video footage on the internet ALMOST makes it all worth it.

But on a serious note, I’m glad my boy Josh is OK. It’s also nice to know that the driver of the car who totally took off after smashing into him is going to get the big swinging dick of the Law. HATE drivers who nearly kill people and don’t stick around after the accident. Those people are the WORST.

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