Listen, I’m No Fisherman, But If Sara Jean Underwood Wants To Go, I’m Bringing My Tackle Box




Honestly, I think I’ve gone fishing maybe twice with my uncle when I was 8. Once with my buddies while they fished and just drank a 12-pac of Bud heavy, but if Sara Underwood wants to go fishing, I’m going fishing. Nothing hotter than that a chick casting out a rod with her boobs completely popped out of her top, a Crocodile Dun-Dee cowboy hat and her ass completely  devouring a pair of daisy dukes. If that’s how girls fish in 2016, I’m so putting together my tackle box right now.


I mean, why not dust off the ol skateboard too?



Shit, lets even do some outdoor camping over the weekend.



I’d even let Sara lead the hiking trail:



I always wanted to see the Grand Canyon.



And she even has her own vintage Ultimate Warrior doll!


What a perfect catch!

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