Introducing The Hottest Smokeshow/Criminal In Scranton History



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THETIMES-TRIBUNE – Scranton police charged a 26-year-old city woman Monday on charges she had sex, and purportedly a child, with a 16-year-old boy, authorities said. Sheri M. Knowles, 813 Lee Court, is charged with one count of indecent assault, a misdemeanor, and is free on $25,000 unsecured bail following her arraignment Monday in front of Magisterial District Judge Paul J. Ware. Police began investigating in January when a witness saw her have sex with a teenager, Detective Jeffrey Gilroy wrote in a criminal complaint. The investigation is still ongoing, but Ms. Knowles agreed prior to her arrest to plead guilty to one count of indecent assault, Detective Gilroy said in an email. The Times-Tribune does not identify victims of sexual assault. In April, the 16-year-old victim agreed to cooperate and told authorities he and Ms. Knowles have had sex since November 2014, and may have a child together.


What a mugshot! I think we have the first ever smoke of the week/Scranton sex offender all wrapped up in one single blog post. How is this the first time I’ve ever seen this chick? She’s only a year younger than me. Somebody reading this right now HAS to know her, right?

And just a quick sidenote, how do 16 year-old kids score chicks like this when I can’t even get a text back?

And you know in the back of her head, she knew she’d end up going viral all over the internet for that mugshot. No doubt about it she’s posing for the camera there. Totally wants to become famous. She’ll probably land herself her own month in The Girls Of NEPA calendar. I mean, she’s already famous on BDP. You can only go up from here!


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That’s what we do. Thanks for reading BDP.

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