Countdown: Four Days



Andrew Mailen is living and working in Yap, Micronesia as a teacher and survivalist. He traded in Belgian Gose and Chèvre for Turkey Tail and a Taro Patch. He spends most of his time hunting for bluefin tuna with a bamboo spear or making local houses out of psalm thatch and copra husk. He is back on BDP4LIFE this week for a few guest posts. 

It is happening in four days. Months of planning, research, gathering, hunting, and now we are only four days away.

People ask me if I’m nervous. Sure I’m nervous. Of course I am, I’m scared. It’s hard to be scared, but sometimes I need to do something that makes me feel uncomfortable so that I can feel fully alive. Sometimes I need to stop taking life for granted and stop living so easily. With that in mind, here I am. I built a raft made from bamboo and string from the outside layer of an old coconut and I am about to sail it to the west coast of the United States of America from a thirty-seven square mile island that lies just slightly northeast of New Zealand.

I think I’m scared most for my mother. I just told her the news this morning and she started to cry. No good man wants to see his mother cry but any real person follows what their hearts tells them to follow. I think she is just proud of me and wants to see my do whatever makes me happy. She knows that I won’t be true to myself if I decide against this. So she told me to go. She smiled but it was through Skype so I could hardly see her mouth but could tell she was smiling because of the way her cheekbones shifted.

Of course I’m scared of the ocean too. The waters are calm now but the water is volatile and a storm may erupt at any moment. The ocean calls out to me though. I must adhere to its wish.

Until next time.




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