Incredible Footage Of Old Forge Winning The State Title Back In 1992 Emerges




(Technically this video was uploaded in 2012, but it went viral again this weekend)

Incredibly rare footage of The Devils bringing home the State Title back in circa 1992.

A couple things here…Another state title needs to come back home ASAP. I mean, look at the party in Devil Town right here. The support from the community was insane. From the moment¬†the 15th run crossed the plate to the moment the boys got dropped off at the field house. Businesses putting up banners all over the streets…Even Burger King!




Don’t want it…NEED IT!



The kids today¬†would call that scene…. “lit, fam.”

Another thing is the swag. The 90’s was the best time wear clothes in general. The colors were BONKERS. Just look at these guys:



They just don’t make them like they used to. What a time to be alive indeed.

Next summer will mark the 25th anniversary. Crazy how time flies.


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