Ranking The Top 5 Radio Stations In NEPA


After 12 months of my cd player being busted and being forced to listen to the radio for a year straight, I decided to rank the top 5 radio stations in NEPA. So here we go.



Pretty much putting KRZ on this solely for future purposes. Maybe we’ll work together in the future to promote an event or something. In the past year of listening to the radio, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a single song play besides “Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself” by Selena Gomez.¬†Every time I switch over to KRZ, literally nothing but commercials. So if you like listening to commercials, tune into KRZ.



Rock 107 is perfect for summer backyard BBQs. Nothing but rock classics. If you have a keg in the backyard and a cooler full of Bud heavy, Rock 107 is perfect for that.

Also, today is Tuesday. I’m pretty sure they still do Two For Tuesdays. Back to back CCR and some Zeppelin will never get old.



In a world that no longer has good new rock and roll, it’s hard to hear some new rock on the airwaves, but if you like stuff like Disturbed and Breaking Benjamin, 979X is the go to radio station. Also, the Free¬†Beer and Hot Wings show isn’t terrible.



If you like hip-hop music, 90.7 needs to be set to your dash. They do a pretty decent job spinning the latest hip-hop hits on Wilkes’ college radio station. But don’t bother tuning in on a Monday, especially if it’s late at night and your driving by yourself. Switching over to 90.7 will scare the ever living shit out of you during their Metal Monday playlist.


The Best Station in NEPA…Fuzz 92.1


98.7% of the time I’m in my car, Fuzz is always on. They do a great job at playing today’s best alternative music. Sometimes it’s a little repetitive, but it’s repetitive good music so it’s tolerable. They also do a great job and mixing in the best decade of music – the 90’s. I’m pretty sure they even do a “90’s at 9” segment where they play the best jams of the 90’s bright and early at 9am.

They’re even hosting another Fuzz Fest this summer at Montage Mountain, with Weezer headlining the show.

For more info on the Fuzzfest lineup, check out the blog we published back in January when the news broke.

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