Zelly’s “6 Rings” Is The Hottest Track In The NEPA Streets And Maybe Even The World





Listen, been working two jobs. I haven’t been putting enough time in on the blog. I’m not making excuses here, but I kind of am. So aside from today, it’s been about a week since I last put out a single blog. Sucks, but I have to eat somehow someway.

So a few days ago, Zelly dropped 2 new jams. BOTH are literally on fucking fire. But this 6 Rings joint is easily one of the best songs these ears have ever heard. You don’t even have to know who Zelly is to appreciate this one. Like if you don’t like this 6 Rings, you might not really like hip-hop, because THIS is hip-hop.

No doubt about it, it’s the best hip-hop song ever written by an artist from NEPA. It might even be the best song in hip-hop in general right now. When this one comes on, I literally wanna throw  a brick through a window or something, because I just get too fired up. It has it all. The beat. The flow and the sports references. So I have to give it up to my boy Zelly for making a perfect jam.



Bonus Jam: Nerve

Bonus Video: Zelly LIVE in the studio on 90.3 today. Thanks for giving the blog a bunch of shout outs, Zell.


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