This Lake Lehman HS Kid Deserves The Death Penalty For This Sucker Punch




PA Homepage – Lehman Township, Luzerne County (WBRE/WYOU) – An act of violence in a high school has the victim’s parents very concerned.  We want to warn you though, some people may find the clip disturbing.  

The video making it’s rounds on social media shows a Lake-Lehman High School student walking up to and sucker punching 14-year-old Matthew Sczyrek.  After school he went to the E.R.  Doctors say he has a slight concussion, his braces are broken, and the 9th grader will not be in school Friday.  

Sczyrek’s father Michael is stunned, especially for this to happen to his son who he describes as quiet, kind, and an overall good kid.  The victim’s father says “at first he didn’t want to get the kid in trouble and he didn’t want to have a big thing made of it, but his braces are broke, he’s got some pain, dizziness, ringing in his ear on the side that he was hit.”

Superintendent Jim McGovern says he’s disturbed by the fact that this had to be premeditated because it was caught by more than one cell-phone.  He says it’s too early to say what the consequences will be.  The Lehman Township Police are investigating the incident.  


Ummm, how is this kid not in prison yet? Seriously? I don’t care that he’s only 14 years-old…He should be waiting in death row.

And what’s worse is that the entire incident is captured on video and all over the internet. How isn’t there any action taken already? The School hasn’t even booted his  ass out of the school. Like I guess they’re okay with this punk roaming the hallways a free man still? I guess he’s not to big of a threat? Just casually walking around and sucker punching students in the teeth? Lake Lehman is okay with that?

If you ask me, I think the school should pay for that kid’s teeth if the parents of the attacker don’t get it done by this weekend. Seeing shit like this makes me wanna snap out. It’s one thing if we got two hardos squaring off in a fight. It’s another when a student is at his locker getting his books for class and doesn’t even see the punch coming. That’s where the  line has to be drawn. Kid’s like that turn out to be cold-hearted killerss. This kid needs the death penalty and he needed it yesterday.




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