BREAKING NEWS: THE Hottest Chick On The Planet Goes To Penn State



So I stumbled upon this chick over the weekend and couldn’t wait to get her up on the blog. Who knew the hottest chick on planet earth resides right here in Happy Valley?







I’m going to say this right now. Remember where you seen her first. Because when all the heavy weight web sites see this, they’ll be posting shit like “The hottest college girl” or “The new queen of Penn State“. Not once will they credit BDP for introducing the world to her. You know how I know this? Because it’s been done before. Over and over again.

Like when sites like Playboy and BroBible posted articles about Zoe when she first blew up. Hmmm, where did you find her? How did you get her Instagram? Did the Instagram fairy just drop her off under your pillows? Of course fucking not. They saw OUR smoke of the week blog and NEVER gave us credit.

Well bookmark this blog, write down the date and store it in your brains. Be prepared to see Allegra over and over again in the near future. Mark my words.




CLICK TO FOLLOW —–>  Allegra Taormina @legsta




More content coming this week. What a mother/daughter combination.


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