Smoke Of The Week Part 2: Lindsey, From Bloomsburg


So to close out this week’s double smoke of the week, I’m finishing it off with Lindsey from Bloom. Listen, I don’t know where she came from, obviously Bloomsburg, but out of nowhere, like an angel from the outfield, she started popping up on my news feed and I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing a lot of Lindsey in the future. I’m calling the shots now….She’s the next blonde BOMBshell to take over your digital life.

Talk about having the total package. Cute face? Check. Big eyes? Check. Slamming body? Check. GREAT ass? Check AND CHECK!

I’m telling you right now – expect to see more from Linds. After everyone see this blog, she’ll have every photographer from the valley DM’ing her left and right to set up photoshoots. So just remember where you seen her first. I promise you that. Shit, I think I’m getting a camera this weekend so I can do it myself. What took me so long to get one?

Introducing, Lindsey Alexandria Shannon

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Professional photos by the talented (and very lucky) @JohnKaminski







Saved these two photos for the grand finale ..







You know what to do. Time to rate Lindsey.


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