Tragic News: My Girl Abi Ratchford Falls Victim To The Photoshop







Listen…everybody knows I’ve been an Abi Ratchford fan since day one. Even back to the days when she used to party at the Hardware Bar in Scranton. And I’ll be honest, it kills me to have to blog this. It honestly does.

It’s no secret, everyone is the business does it. Every one of your favorite models on Instagram have photoshopped a waist or a booty here and there, so it’s not shocking that Abi has gone photoshop.

I will say this though, this might just be the first time she’s ever done it. But then again, maybe it isn’t her first. Maybe this one was just that obvious. Kind of a sad day. But as it turns out, apparently she’s human. If you cut her with a knife, she’ll bleed. And if she uploads a photo on Instagram, sometimes she’ll photoshop her ass. Bottom line is, she’s human. Just like you and me. Except she’s better looking. Photoshopped or not:


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