Mia Sal & Kim Zambetti Do “Does It Really Work” With WNEP’s Kurt Aaron At Anytime Fitness Old Forge



[CLICK HERE if video doesn’t show up above on your phone]


Shout out to Meezurfit and Kim for doing a great job in front of the camera. The segment came out great. Hell of a way to represent Old Forge.

But I think we can all agree, this was probably your favorite part:


LOL moment right there.

‘Does It Really Work?’ is one of the best segments that WNEP does. Actually, I’d say it’s one of the best segments in local news all together. For those of you who live in a box, they find all the new products and test them out to see if the hype is real. Kurt Aaron does a great job hosting the segment. He’s the best guy WNEP has on staff. I met him like once or twice at a few some random spots, but that’s not why I really like him. I really like him because he keeps it real, or as the kids say, he keeps it 100. Like that one time when he  told us to expect some “really nice fuckin’ weather”.

That’s how you keep one hunnit.


*****UPDATE: Kurt Aaron reads BDP!*****



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